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Hunter Keefer

October 6, 2020

On September 20, Hunter Keefer passed away from serious brain injuries caused by a drug overdose. As his cousin, I will deeply miss him. As a CHS student, Hunter was loved by many fellow students, coaches, and teachers. Hunter was on CHS’s Boys Diving team, he swam for 3 years and placed in state. Keefer was planning on graduating early this year, which was his senior year. Keefer was a leader to some of his teammates and many close friends. Listed below are many memories recalled by CHS students and teachers about Hunter, and his impact on Cape Central High School.


“In second grade I was being bullied by some fourth grader and I went home crying one day like seriously upset, and so Hunter had his grandma bring him over, and he handed me a dollar and hung out with me till I wasn’t so upset. I think that shows how he genuinely was a good person, . . . but Hunter really did care about other people deeply.”  -Tori Dibert


“He would do a backflip or give a fun fact at any time he could.”  -Lennon Bollwerk


“Hunter was an intelligent, entertaining young man that was taken way to soon. It’s left a hole in a lot of people’s lives that isn’t going to be filled.”  -Marty Vines, History Teacher


“Hunter was a really smart, really ADHD guy and I’ll miss him forever. If you see one of your friends abusing drugs, reach out to them. Drugs are a form of escapism and people should try to deal with life in a healthier way, but if someone you know is too passionately abusing drugs, stop them if you want them to be around in a few years.”  -Timothy Modglin


 “Hunter was more than a friend, someone who sacrificed everything just to make sure you’re good.”  -Jeremy Newbern


“He was my little brother.”  -Truman Vines


“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and oftentimes we call a man cold when he is only sad.”  – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Micquanita DuBose, Counselor)


“He was very daring and competitive. One to never quit on himself or anyone else.”  -Layton Hamby


“When Hunter was about 11 or 12, he really wanted to catch a raccoon, preferably a baby raccoon. His grandma got him a live animal trap. The morning after the first time we set it, we woke up to a gigantic skunk in the trap. He literally filled the trap completely, he was so big. We had to get our neighbor to help me pull him out of the trap. We were able to successfully do so, without angering or frightening the skunk and getting sprayed! We also decided that the live animal trap was maybe not such a great idea.”  -Patrick Keefer (Dad)


“He liked to read a lot, he read every day in advisory for 3 years, and I said, ‘You like to read a lot, why?’ Hunter said, ‘It’s a place I’d like to go.’ So I checked out two books for him before quarantine, and I gave him the nickname drift wood because we was a diver for swim, and he was light as a feather and skipped across the water.”  -Rob Friedrich






















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  • J

    jaidyn youngNov 25, 2020 at 9:53 pm

    i miss you so much. i looked up to you for everything. he always was there for me. and even when we got into arguments he still always would be there for me. he was very caring, he was very loved by many people. i love you brother.

  • M

    Maddie COct 10, 2020 at 11:40 am

    Hunter was different. In a way that spoke true colors to this world. He was so incredibly smart, and passionate about every little thing that he did. And believe me when I say this, if he put his mind to it; he could achieve it. When he left us, he left a lot of hurt and guilt.. However, he taught a lot of our young minds a great lesson. There’s not a day that’s went by that we haven’t thought of you, or wished we could have done more for you. But I promise; we will never let your name die. You will forever be loved and missed.

  • L

    Lacy Deevers MclendonOct 9, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    Hunter was an amazing child there’s no words that can express how amazing my child was /is.
    He was always telling stories about things that I never would have imagined…eventually I realized that all hunters stories were honestly true facts even from the time he could speak a full sentence.
    I really want everyone to know that this was not something hunter had planned for his future. He had so many short t-erm/long-term goals that I would have never thought of at that age. His intelligence blew me away .
    He was my Son ,my Baby ,my soul ,the only real man in my life ,my roommate ♡
    I excepted Hunter for who he was no matter what. He treated me the same (maybe not behind closed doors ) lol. But that’s ok with me I loved that boy more than anything. I can’t even put into words. THANK YOU CENTRAL SCHOOL FOR DOING SUCH A GOOOD JOB WITH MY SON! ( thank u Halle andrews♡ ♡♡
    I feel like my next step in life is almost invisible…. he wouldn’t want any type of confrontation between ANYONE, but the ones who love and cherish hunter the most know exactly how this happened. And it breaks my heart. I wanna be more positive in this post but it’s just what came to my mind…….I thank his swimming coaches and all of his teachers and his DEAREST FRIENDS, you know who u are! ♡-hunters mom

  • T

    Tracy RushingOct 9, 2020 at 7:09 pm

    I met Hunter, through my son, Noah Rushing. He came to our house, The very first day i met him i knew he was a good kid, I walked in my sons room. Hunter said oh hi “MAM. I said Mam?? and we both chuckled. I said thanks but you can call me Tracy. he was so respectful. and always so laid back. But very funny , Hunter always kept my son laughing they always had a great time no matter what they were doing. gone way too soon. But will never be forgotten.

  • A

    Ann BurchyettOct 9, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    Hunter was a peace maker for sure. He was an inventor as well. Always had a book of knowledge to share, this is when he was a little guy. Hunter was kind to equals and littles and his love for a thrill of the jump was over whelming .
    If you knew him you know what I mean. He climbed everything to flip off and land a jump. Such a talent. Such a smile, always one to see there are two sides to a story, and you should know both. My grand son Elliot learned many flip and jump skills from kicking it with Hunter. 4 plus yrs age difference, but Hunter made time to kick it with Elliot. Hunter was not better than anyone in his mind and actions. He should still be here with us. Let his passing be a warning, a gift of a second chance to change your current path. He did not want to leave, he had many more flips left in him. If he were here , I feel that he would be pleased if others swayed far from this killer. It’s sad to not have him here, although I’m sure he is flipping for God now. He just loved, and he was a positive thinker. Hunter we love you son and miss you so. Thank you for being you.

  • M

    Mary Jane PalermoOct 9, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Thank u Halle Andrews, for honoring his memory . As Dylan J. would say back in the day, “Nailed it” . I miss him so much.